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Contact Creative Mediation right now and you’ll have a private, confidential opportunity to discuss the situation with one of our conflict resolution specialists. We will help you sort through the issues, figure out what you need and take the necessary steps to get there.

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Watch our series of PSA videos below:

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Come to the Table PSA - Neighbors in Conflict


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Come to the Table PSA - Landloard Tenant Dispute


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Come to the Table PSA - Aging Parents


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Come to the Table PSA - Divorce/Separation

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Come to the Table PSA - Uneasy Feeling at Work

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Thank you for considering a financial contribution to our work of transforming the community. This is not just an investment in Creative Mediation, but also an investment in our future. Your gift will help children, families and community members in need to “Come to the Table.”


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Want to connect with other resolutionary people? Join our social network “The Embassy” and become a Creative Mediation Ambassador. Ambassadors are everyday people who believe in promoting win-win resolutions to life’s toughest challenges. Ambassadors help to enhance our community’s quality of life by spreading the word about the programs and services Creative Mediation offers.

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Is Mediation Right for You?
Take this short quiz and find out.

If you answer yes to the following questions,
then mediation can help you resolve your dispute:

  1. Mediation is only successful when both relevant parties attempt to resolve their issue(s). Do you have a conflict that involves one or more other parties?

  2. Both parties must be dually informed about the mediation process. Do you have contact information for the other parties?

  3. All mediation sessions are voluntary. Are you voluntarily willing to participate in mediation?

  4. The atmosphere in meetings is informal and topics for discussion can be varied. This allows people to get 'things off their chests' and move beyond narrow polarized positions in a face-saving way. It can result in creative and flexible solutions. Is an informal meeting process right for your needs?

  5. Mediation is often cheaper than Court appearances. Disputes can be resolved in less time. Do you want to resolve your issue quickly?

  6. The mediation process gives you control over resolving your dispute and a sense of 'ownership' in the outcome. Are you prepared to play a role in resolving your own issue?

  7. The greatest level of resource investment is 'upfront'. You need time to prepare and go to meetings. You need to be ready and willing to understand the other person's point of view. Are you prepared to approach the mediation with a fair and open mind?


Come to the Table News and Events







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What happens at the table?

Once you agree to “Come to the Table,” Creative Mediation will help you take four resolutionary steps:

  1. Clarify the situation and get all perspectives out in the open;
  2. Identify and explore the core issues and potential next steps;
  3. Generate options that will work for everyone; and
  4. Commit to a resolution and make a plan to follow through.

Let Creative Mediation help you find a better way to talk about what matters most


Where is the Table Now?

You may have noticed a peculiar, round, claw-footed, oak table around town. This is “the table” featured in our new public awareness campaign. More than just an article of furniture consisting of a flat, slab-like top supported on one or more legs or other supports – this table is a symbol of hope for finding a way through conflict. Since 1992, Creative Mediation has helped more than 20,000 SLO County community members come to the table to talk about what matters most to them. Check out this map to see where the table has been and where it is right now.

Right now, the Table is resting comfortably at 285 South Street, Suite P in San Luis Obispo. -

Request “The Table” at your Event
Send an email to Creative Mediation ( ) and have the table brought to your school, business or community for information, training and cupcakes!


Stories from the Table

Jason and Leah got divorced last year and share custody of their three year old daughter Emily. Changes brought about by new jobs, new relationships and financial stress led to significant barriers in communication. At every pick up and drop off, Emily could feel the tension and pain. After an unproductive and expensive consultation with an attorney, Leah called Creative Mediation and asked for help in revising their visitation schedule.

The goal of the meeting was to re-establish civil communication and to write up a workable plan for visitation, include shared expectations for co-parenting with significant others. The skilled mediator worked with both parents to step away from their assumptions and hear each others’ concerns and needs. With this structured communication, the couple was able to recognize that they both wanted what was best for Emily. They then wrote a plan that would work for everyone and lead to the best care for their daughter.

In a thank-you note to Creative Mediation, Jason said that his “…session with the mediator saved our family from a destructive course and put us on track for meeting Emily’s needs first and foremost.”


About the Campaign

Beginning in May 2009, Creative Mediation launched a 12-month public awareness campaign entitled “Come to the Table.” The “Come to the Table” campaign represents the culmination of years of grass-roots marketing efforts. The messages promoted through the campaign reflect the elemental, difficult conversations that happen every day in homes, schools and workplaces throughout the communities of San Luis Obispo County. The mixed medium effort includes television and radio PSAs, as well as interactive web and email activities.

The goals of the campaign are to:

  • Provide mediation and conflict coaching to more people;

  • Recruit Ambassadors who will help spread the word about Creative Mediation’s programs and services;

  • Develop supporters of Creative Mediation who will contribute through volunteer service and donations.

The campaign is the brainchild of Jesse Sostrin. Todd Peterson provides the Creative Direction and Jessica Dell and Jaclyn Sick are the campaign coordinators. The handsome character featured in the PSAs is Christian Henderson. Christian is the Director at the Son Care Foundation, Inc. He is also a member of the Board of Directors at Creative Mediation.
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