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Creative Mediation’s Training Philosophy

Creative Mediation is proud to provide an innovative and dynamic approach to conflict resolution and mediation skills training. In contrast to the traditional classroom lecture training format, Creative Mediation’s training program employs a “Learn By Doing” philosophy aimed at providing training participants with opportunities to learn, apply new skills, receive feedback and continue to develop and enhance their skills over time.

Trainees participating in the Conflict Resolution and Mediation Certification Program begin with an intensive two day “Elements of Mediation” course, which is designed to provide a strong foundation of knowledge and core conflict resolution and mediation concepts and skills. Following the Elements course, trainees participate in a total of six monthly seminars which provide in-depth discussion and exploration of key mediation concepts. Throughout the 6 month training cycle, mediators-in-training supplement their learning by engaging in Creative Mediation-sponsored “Role Play Days,” as well as attending periodic training cohort meetings. These activities are designed to provide opportunities for skill application, process debriefing and experiential learning as trainees implement their newly acquired skills in their career field and daily life.

This intentional sequence and blend of cohort classes, large-group seminars and hands-on learning, coupled with small group mentoring and debriefing, allows Creative Mediation to develop strong, experienced mediators who are well prepared to enter and contribute to the mediation community upon completion of the 6 month training program.


Meet Creative Mediation’s Training Team

Steffanie MedinaSteffanie Medina, MA - Executive Director
Steffanie is the Executive Director for Creative Mediation specializing in the development and administration of Family and Youth Mediation Programs in addition to CM’s training programs. With a background in Psychology and Child Development, as well as a Master’s degree in Educational Counseling, Steffanie provides expertise in family systems, the psychology of conflict, and organizational training and facilitation. Steffanie also serves on the board for the National Association for Conflict Resolution.



Samantha Watkins, BS - Programs Coordinator
Samantha has been a mediator and member of Creative Mediation’s team since 2006. Her background in Education, Child Development and Social Science, coupled with her expertise in Juvenile Dependency and Court-Based Mediation, brings an ideal blend of compassionate and effective communication to the training team.




Kelly Donohue, BS - Marketing & Outreach Coordinator
Kelly has been a part of Creative Mediation's team since her start as an Americorps here in 2011. After finishing her term with Americorps, she began working full time with the team in 2012 as the marketing, outreach and training liason for Creative Mediation. Her undergraduate work in Psychology, coupled with a concentration in Graphic Design, furthers her marketing and creative strategies for Creative Mediation's programs and fundraisers.



Nicolina Galante, BA - Mediation Services Coordinator
Nicolina joined the Creative Mediation team in the Spring of 2013, and brings with her a wealth of experience in language and communication, as well as superior management and customer service skills. As a trainer, Nicolina excels as both a classroom instructor and one-on-one mentor and coach, working closely with all of the Creative Mediation mediators in training as they complete the Conflict Resolution and Mediation Skills Certification program.



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